Membership Plans and Application

At the Y, we know firsthand how difficult it can be to find balance in life. That's why we're here with you everyday, making sure that you, your family and your community have the resources and support needed to learn, grow and thrive. With a focus on developing the potential of kids, improving health and well-being, and giving back and supporting our neighbors, your membership will not just bring about meaningful change in yourself, but in your community too. Find out more. Stop in and experience how we empower over 21 million members nation wide to be more healthy and connected.

Benton Harbor-St. Joseph YMCA members enjoy outstanding facilities and activities. Our Hanson Family Gym houses programs for families, youth and various Y programs. Our Whirlpool Gym houses a basketball court and an active volleyball program. The Whirlpool Gym also hosts a multitude of youth activities, including dance and gymnastics. We have an indoor track and aerobics floor, a 25 x 12½ meter swimming pool, steam room, free-weight area, racquetball / handball courts, and a cardio-strength center filled with treadmills, elliptical trainers, Nautilus machines, flat-screen televisions, and much more.
As a member, you’ll have access to the Y’s certified instructors and countless fitness classes, youth  programs, swimming lessons, preschool activities, and sports programs.
Spirit - Mind - Body. Friendship - Fun - Family. Make the connection today!  We would be delighted to give you a tour; just stop in anytime.

As a YMCA member, you’ll have all this at your fingertips:

  • FREE Adult Fitness Classes / Adult Water Fitness Classes / Group Cycling Classes
  • FREE Nursery with a Household Membership
  • FREE Family Fitness Programs with a Household Membership
  • FREE Walk-On Racquetball
  • FREE Strength Training Instruction and Equipment Orientations
  • Open Basketball, Open Volleyball, and Family Gym Time
  • Open, Lap, and Family Swims
  • Cardio-Strength Center with 30 Minute Nautilus Strength Circuit
  • Multi-Purpose Room w/ Free Weights, Nautilus & Trotter Equipment
  • Indoor Walking and Running Track
  • Steam Room

As a service to the commmunity, we've lowered our membership rates and joining fee, making the Y affordable for all and adding value to your membership. Adult fitness, water-fitness, and group cycling classes are included FREE with every membership, along with one-on-one equipment instruction. Household memberships include free use of our on-site nursery.


Effective 9/8/15

Monthly Rate
Bankdraft or
Credit Card



See April Special
on the Home Page:


Youth  (Ages 12 and under)
Must be accompanied by a parent or adult, or enrolled in a program at all times



Teen  (Ages 13-18)
Can use the YMCA without adult supervision



Young Adult  (Ages 19-30) NEW AGES!



Adult  (Ages 31-64)



Adult Couple  (Ages 31-64)



Senior  (Ages 65+)



Senior Couple



Includes one or two adults and dependent children eligible for IRS deduction living at the same address, up to age 24



Single Parent Household NEW!
Includes one adult and dependent children eligible for IRS deduction living at the same address, up to age 24



Memberships may be paid via a convenient monthly bank or credit-card draft, or by paying the full annual fee using cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover). Monthly rates shown apply to bank or credit-card drafts only. Short-term memberships for transients and college students are also available, along with corporate memberships for businesses (see below). For complete information on these membership options, please call the Y at (269)-428-YMCA.
-The joiner's fee is one-time fee paid whenever a membership is started. If a membership is cancelled or lapses for more than 30 days, another joiner's fee will be required to re-start the membership. 
-Add an additional adult member (18 and over) of your household to your Adult, Family, or Couple membership for just $26 a month!  
-Household memberships include up to two adults and all children claimed as dependents on federal tax returns. 

Just print out our  Membership Application  and bring it to the Y Welcome Center. If you are choosing monthly bankdraft, please bring bank information with you.

Membership Application

Men's Full Service includes a men's private locker room with TV and lounge, assigned locker, and laundry service. Available for an additional fee of $25 a month.
The adult women's locker room has private lockers available for $7 a month, lockable baskets for $4 a month, and towel service for $4 a month. Lockers and baskets are subject to availability.

The Benton Harbor - St. Joseph YMCA Family Center is part of the AWAY program (Always Welcome at YMCAs). More than 2,000 YMCAs across the country and around the world will welcome you into their facilities with your YMCA membership card; fees may apply at some locations. We honor AWAY members 12 visits per calendar year without a fee. After 12 visits you will be charged half of the Guest Pass fee. To locate a YMCA anywhere in the United States, call 1-888-333-9622 or check the YMCA of the USA web site.


The YMCA is a membership driven organization. We want our members to enjoy their membership and have ample access to equipment and facilities. Guests are welcome to use our YMCA at non-peak times.
Labor Day to Memorial Day:
Guests are welcome during non peak times.
    Monday through Friday: 5:00 am-2:15 pm and 7:00 pm-Close
    Saturday: 6:00 am-8:15 am and 2:00 pm-Close
    Sunday: 11:30 am-Close

Guest Pass Policy: Guests must have photo identification such as driver’s license or school ID; pay the daily guest pass fee listed below;• adhere to the YMCA Code of Conduct.
Hours are subject to change at the discretion of the YMCA.
Memorial Day-Labor Day:
Guests are welcome at any time.
Guest Pass Fees:
Youth      $8.00 (under age 18)
Adult     $12.00
Family  $18.00

With a corporate membership, you can improve the overall health of your employees and decrease absenteeism, turnover, and the utilization and cost of health benefits. You'll also improve productivity and morale! Just give us a call . . . we’ll meet with you and help you customize your program.
Click here for more information.

The nation’s YMCAs have a unique capacity to respond to the needs of service men and women through supportive, community-based programs that foster child development, family strengthening, health and well-being. To better use this potential, the Armed Services YMCA, the Department of Defense, and the YMCA of the USA have joined forces to provide FREE memberships to eligible military families. To find out if you qualify, call the Y or stop in anytime. Military Family Outreach Memberships are funded by the Department of Defense.




The YMCA is one of the largest non-profit service organizations in America. It's at the heart of community life in neighborhoods and towns across the nation. The Y works to meet the health and social service needs of more than 21 million men, women, and children. Our policy is to keep the Benton Harbor - St. Joseph YMCA Family Center accessible to everyone. Thousands of people in Southwest Michigan benefit from YMCA programs and services, and no one is turned away because of an inability to pay. If you face financial hardship, YMCA assistance can open up a world of activities for you and your family! Click here to view our Financial Assistance Information/How To Apply.

Download and print the appropriate application below, attach the required documentation, and drop it off at the YMCA Welcome Center. All information will be kept strictly confidential. Please make sure your application is complete: applications which omit information or documentation cannot be evaluated.

Financial Assistance Application for Memberships 
Financial Assistance for Classes & Programs 

Printed application forms are available at the Welcome Center.

Q. Is it possible to join the YMCA for free?
A. The YMCA believes a strong sense of ownership and pride is developed when the financial assistance recipient contributes to the cost of their involvement. Therefore, all applicants will be asked to pay a fair share portion.
Q. If I receive YMCA financial assistance, what is expected of me?
A. Upon approval, a YMCA staff member will review the conditions of the agreement with you. Those conditions may include the duration of assistance, the expectation that you take full advantage of the assistance by using the membership or service regularly, and a commitment to make payments on time. 
Q. How quickly can I expect to be approved?
A. Once your application and required documents have been submitted to the YMCA, we will contact you by mail within 15 business days. An application cannot be evaluated if it is incomplete or missing appropriate paperwork and documentation. 
Q. How long will my financial assistance last?
A. Need of assistance is assessed at time of request and reviewed on an annual basis.
Q. How often can I apply for financial assistance?
A. If you are terminated for non-payment you can re-apply in six months. You may also re-apply for financial assistance at your one-year renewal date.
Q. Will I always pay the same amount for a program or membership?
A. No. Each application is looked at on an individual basis. Our fee scale assists us in determining your award amount. Assistance given is based on need and funds available.

YMCA programs are supported by contributions from individuals, companies, foundations, and our Annual Support Campaign. These generous donations make the financial assistance program possible, keeping the doors to a healthy spirit, mind and body open for everyone.