Health & Well-Being and Personal Training


We're here to help you reach your goals...see page 13, 14 in the Winter/Spring Program Guide.

Choosing a healthy lifestyle is challenge. With access to affordable and convenient meal options, the distraction of technology at every turn, and putting in long hours, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle bustle of today’s to-do list.
At the Y, we want everyone to get back to the core of healthy living and feel empowered to make better, healthier choices. Whether it is choosing to exercise a few times per week, giving up fast food meals, or education themselves on nutrition, fitness, or diseases like diabetes, the Y encourages individuals to choose a healthy lifestyle.
A sample of what we offer:
-    Learn how to combat Type II (adult onset) Diabetes in the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program.
-    Discover the fun of exercise through our fitness facilities, including gymnasiums, fitness studios, a running track, swimming and more.
-    Burn calories in fun classes like Zumba, Body Pump and many more- all led by certified and experienced instructors.
-    Come together and build new relationships and friendships surrounding common interests and life experiences.

We want you to be successful at the YMCA!


Adult Nautilus Orientation
Introduction to the Nautilus Strength Training Circuit. All members, 13 & over, are required to complete a Nautilus orientation prior to using the circuit. Must be a minimum of 5’ tall. Y members only.

Teen Fitness Orientation
Cardion Room-(Required for youth under age 16)
   Youth will be introduced to cardio and strength equipment for safe and effective workouts. They will set up with a safe starting weight on strength machines and target heart rate for aerobic conditioning. Youth ages 11 and 12 will have access to the cardion equipment      
   with required orientation card and with adult supervision until 8:00 pm. Y members only.
Free Weight Room-(Required for youth under age 16)
   Teens must complete an orientation in the free-weight area before they are allowed to use the equipment, with adult supervision. The Teen Fitness Orientations are by appointment; for Y members only.

‘Get Started’ Wellness Program
This program includes a one-hour, one-on-one session with a personal trainer to discuss your fitness, nutrition, and wellness goals and to develop a plan that will help you meet these goals. Members will learn how to use equipment, set up a starting resistance weight on the strength machines, learn to target heart rate for aerobic exercise, and set up a beginning exercise plan. By appointment only, just $15; Y members only. Please sign-up at the Welcome Center.

Fitness Assessments
At your fitness assessment appointment you can expect a Y personal trainer to provide you with body measurments and body fat percentage. This assessment can be scheduled every 6-8 weeks. By appointment only, just $15; Y members only. Please sign-up at the Welcome Center.

Like you, Personal Trainers come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different backgrounds and experience. Whether you prefer land-based exercise or water workouts, our trainers can
personalize workouts based on your lifestyle—from working professionals, to athletes, to new moms, and more!
Get started with personal training
   Stop by Member Services at your Y, or contact us to start the conversation.
Get individualized attention
   Make it all about you—get customized recommendations and expert attention that will help you stay motivated and achieve your goals.

Personal Training
•    Meet one-on-one with a Personal Trainer
•    Get a tailored plan to stay motivated and reach your fitness, nutrition and wellness goals
•    Fully customizable schedule for how often and how long you work together
•   *Pricing starts at $45 for one session for members, $55 for non-members

*For detailed information on personal trainer and pricing please ask for a personal training brochure at the WELCOME CENTER!

Health Coaching
Our Certified ACE Health Coaches will provide individually designed programs to meet yur unique needs by focusing on your overall health and wellness of life. They will help you become proactive in your life by eliminating unhealthy behaviors and making health and wellness priority. so don’t wait any the Healthy Living Department today!
The health coaching program can help you:

  • Identify your goals
  • Create and achieve small steps toward your goal
  • Improve your self-management
  • Learn how to stay motivated
  • Be accountable to a professional for months at a time

A health coach won’t tell you what your goals should be, however, a health coach can show you how to reach them.

Fee: Y Members Only
$125 for 4 Hours
$150 for 6 Hours
$175 for 8 Hours
$200 for 10 Hours

Sport Specific Training
Are you ready to take your game to the next level?

With SPORT SPECIFIC TRAINING you will develop the skills needed to excel in your sport of interest. All athletes need speed, agility, and power. These vital qualities will be targeted in order for you to reach your fullest potential.
     There will also be an emphasis placed on skills specific to your sport that is needed in order for you to thrive and excel against your peers! The time is now for you to start developing your skills to compete at the highest level!
      See Personal Training Brochure, or the website for pricing.